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About Lombard Austin

Established in 2013

A Word From The Owner

My Grandmother always made sure we cleaned our house thoroughly, so I believed life was about working hard. I despised cleaning because I did it so much as a child. I had decided that I would never work a job where I had to do any cleaning. Although some of my childhood beliefs have changed, hard work is what I have carried with me throughout my life.

As a young man, someone once told me “change comes from putting yourself out there. Decide what you want to do, speak it, then do it.” I never forgot that. I had a vision of what I felt a great cleaning company should be. When I finally decided to “speak it” out loud in 2013, it inspired someone to mentor and train me in an entrepreneurial course at no cost. This helped bring my vision to light. I decided. I spoke it. I did it.

Today, my dream is to pay it forward. To help people maintain gainful employment, learn how to start, and run a successful business through hard work, and, eventually, help someone with a loan to fulfill their own entrepreneurial dreams the same way someone did for me.

Lombard Austin Janitorial Cleaning was built from my heart. It is important to me that my customers see that in the exceptional standard of care in the services we provide.

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Exceptional Standard Care Of Service


Open Hours: 24 Hours

Phone: (463) 220 – 3998


Address:  Indianapolis, Indiana USA, IN 46235